PTSD Support Dogs

Good Canine Academy is committed to providing specialized service dogs to veterans and first responders suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and/or traumatic brain injury. Our mission is to help our men and women of United States military and first responders regain their lives through the healing power of dogs.


Service dogs are medical equipment and are walking prescription to those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disability.

    • Dogs are vigilant. They watch over their soldiers while they sleep, and wake them from nightmares.
    • Dogs help relearn trust. They bring a sense of safety soldiers lose on the battlefield.
    • Dogs create a bridge in public. They close the gap between a veteran and the world around them.
    • Dogs help soldiers relearn how to give affection. War can be a place where love is forgotten and fear takes over.
    • Dogs have a veteran’s back. They can be taught to sense and alert a veteran to an oncoming anxiety attack.
    • In some instances, veterans with PTSD dogs are able to decrease their medication. Petting a dog elevates serotonin and dopamine—nerve transmitters that produce a calming state.

If you’re a veteran or first responder and would like to apply for a support dog, please contact us for an application.

Good Canine Academy and their dogs sending veteran Ernesto forward on his mission to walk 2,200 miles from Tennessee to California to bring awareness to the 22 veterans that commit suicide daily while suffering from PTSD. We are all on the same TEAM #forthe22 #oneteamonefight #endthe22